The Advantages of Dry Cleaning Versus Traditional Washing Machines

Laundering and dry cleaning are both processes designed to clean clothes. Laundering, the more traditional cleaning practice, is a water-based cleaning process that usually utilizes a washer/dryer combination with soap and/or detergent. In contrast, dry cleaning does not utilize water but instead employs a comprehensive process that cleans the clothing much more effectively. While both processes have their purposes, dry cleaning is overall much better for maintaining the structural integrity of clothes, especially the delicate ones.

While water is not the main cleansing agent in dry cleaning, the process does involve the use of liquids for stain and soil removal. Much like traditional laundering, dry cleaning employs a specific machine in which the garments are placed for cleaning. After being put in the machine, the machine is started and gently rotates the clothes in the basket while a steady stream of clean solvent is pumped into the system. Simultaneously, the dirty solvent is pumped out of the drum to maintain the constant cleansing of the clothing. Following the solvent cycle, the next cycle begins by rapidly circulating the clothes and removing all of the solvents. Finally, the clothes are dried as warm air is pumped into the machine and continues to circulate as the basket of clothes spins.

Dry cleaning offers several distinct advantages for cleaning clothes when compared to a washing machine.

  1. Soft Process—When compared to traditional laundering, dry cleaning is considered a soft washing process. The rotation of the drum in dry cleaning is much milder than the abrasive agitators in traditional washing machines. Additionally, the limited amount of water and solvent used in the cleaning process helps to protect the garments.
  2. Clothing Preservation—In addition to its soft washing process, dry cleaning is also better for maintaining articles of clothing’s new appearance. Dry cleaning rarely shrinks delicate fabrics and maintains the color as well as the texture of fabric better than conventional washing.
  3. Deep Cleaning— The dry cleaning process’s ability to “deep clean” difficult stains and soils. Dry cleaning has a distinctive ability to dissolve oil and grease in garments that are difficult, if not impossible, for traditional laundering methods to tackle. Furthermore, the dry cleaning process is often able to restore garments to a “like-new” state with just one processing.
  4. Finished Appearance—When garments are removed from a washer and dryer, garments are often in need of further ironing and treatment. In contrast, with dry cleaning, garments are clean, fresh and crisp when finished.

While laundering and dry cleaning are both traditional cleaning processes, dry cleaning offers more advantages in terms of clothing cleanliness and maintenance. Dry cleaning makes clothes cleaner and keeps them appearing newer longer. When it comes to the debate of which is better, the washing machine or dry cleaning, the verdict is clear – dry cleaning is superior each and every time.

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Aluminum Versus Wood Home Enclosures. Which is Better?

Are you debating between building a patio versus a screened porch enclosure? When building aluminum screen enclosures, Red Bank Aluminum in Chattanooga, TN is prepared to create your new living space the way you prefer, with a custom design to help complement your home. If you are planning on building an addition to your home, the new addition needs to function and look its best.

Red Bank Aluminum offers a variety of aluminum screen enclosures from major manufacturers.

By using Ballew’s aluminum products, your aluminum screen enclosures will provide:

  • a clean look
  • a lifetime of durability
  • none of the disadvantages of wood

Top-quality aluminum construction keeps your patio or screened porch enclosure looking new and elegant for years to come. Plus aluminum is virtually maintenance-free!
Some homeowners may opt for screened patios made of wood. However, they are often unaware of wood’s long-term disadvantages. Wood can split, become rotten, or suffer weathering by the elements. While aluminum structures last in regard to both appearance and structural integrity.

The Benefits Of Using Aluminum Vs. Wood:

Low Maintenance: Aluminum screen enclosures require almost zero-maintenance over the years. Wood structures typically require additional yearly maintenance costs as the wood ages.

Weather Resistant: Unlike wood, there is no rotting, dry rot, peeling or corroding that occurs with aluminum. Aluminum screen enclosures are not affected by outdoor elements and will not become brittle or warped.

Moisture Resistant: Our top-quality aluminum materials can be used in almost any environment. For instance, they can be used next to swimming pools, hot tubs or simply in a humid backyard.

Pest Resistant: You will never have a termite or other wood-destroying insect problem with Red Bank Aluminum’s patio coverings, screen room enclosures or sunrooms. One of the most frightening aspects of pest infestation is not only the safety hazards they pose but also the possibility of bugs spreading to other areas of your home.

Fire Safety: Aluminum is a fire-resistant material and helps protect your family against house fires.

Increased Home Value: Aluminum adds long-term value to your home because of its clean lines, structural integrity and lifetime of durability. Additionally, with a screened enclosure, the square footage of your home is increased, subsequently increasing your home’s value.

For all these reasons and more, well-designed aluminum patio screen enclosures and sunrooms using Ballew’s aluminum are consistently a popular choice. Client’s of Red Bank Aluminum appreciate the benefits of aluminum over wood. As a result, they consistently choose Red Bank Aluminum to design and build patio enclosures or sunrooms for their homes.

Aluminum screen enclosures, patios, porches, and sunrooms not only provide protection from the outdoor elements but also create well-defined structures to complement every home. Your outdoor living area should provide the extra space and comfort you deserve and also last a lifetime.

Red Bank Aluminum in Chattanooga, TN has built thousands of patios, screens, pool enclosures, and sunrooms. We are a local company, ready to help you learn more about a quality screen enclosure, sunroom, patio or deck for your home.

Red Bank Aluminum in Chattanooga, TN offers free home consultations, so please contact them today at (423) 877-0142.

By Katherine Fry, CEO/President Mediafy Communications Group

El Fogon means “brick oven.” While brick ovens are sturdy and long-lasting, they are also works of art. Like their name, the restaurant “El Fogon” is all of these things. It is poised to last, built on a sturdy foundation of excellent service coupled with fantastic food. And like a brick oven, it’s contents are a work of art.

My lunch there the other day exemplified fine Mexican dining in a fun social setting. My server, Fernando, functioned like a “super waiter.” Every time I needed something, he magically appeared. I dropped my phone in my cheese drip-he popped in with a napkin. I needed a refill- Fernando appeared ready to refill.

My meal, entitled, “Camarones El Fogon,” meaning “shrimp of the brick oven,” appeared in beautiful form. I could not resist taking a picture. The rice in the center appeared as the initial focal point of the meal, perfectly surrounded by exquisitely placed prawns and vegetables. I started in the center and worked my way outward. Freshly made, with a butter accent, even the vegetables tasted great (and I usually don’t like them.) By far, the broccoli was my favorite vegetable within this dish, and I ate each and every one of them. At the end of the meal, only a few zucchini remained.

While I initially planned on not having any alcohol, the pictures of the house margarita drew me in quickly. I ordered the house margarita, on the rocks. I can honestly say, don’t purchase this during the day if you plan on going back to work, because these margaritas are STRONG. This establishment does not skimp on their drinks-they are delicious and the real deal. I enjoyed every moment of it.I also had the opportunity to observe an absolutely hilarious birthday celebration. A husband came in and informed the waiter of his wife’s birthday. Suddenly, out came a huge pile of chocolate ice cream covered in whipped cream. To the singing of all the waiters, a napkin of whipped cream landed on the cheek of the birthday girl, all too hysterical laughter. A great time was had by all!

The greater Chattanooga area has a plethora of Mexican restaurants. However, what sets El Fogon apart from the others is not only the high quality of their food but also its presentation. From the waiter to the beach like setting to the caring and attentive waiter, El Fogon is one of the best, if not THE BEST Mexican restaurant, in the greater Chattanooga area. If you are in Hixson any time soon, go ahead and give them a try. You will not be sorry.

Catastrophic engine failure leaves automobile owners with one of two choices-they can either sell their vehicle for scrap or buy a new engine.

However, for many individuals, because of budget constraints, scrapping their vehicle is simply not an option. This leaves purchasing either a new replacement engine or a Jasper remanufactured one. When faced with this dilemma, many auto owners ponder which is the better solution.

What is the Difference?

The components of a new engine are fresh off the assembly line. Jasper remanufactured engines are designed to function just like a newly built engine. However, these engines are sold at a substantially reduced price. Essentially, Jasper remanufactured engines use a combination of recycled and new parts. For example, used engines are disassembled and any obviously damaged parts are scrapped. All the remaining components, including the heads, block, crankshaft, camshafts, rods, pistons, and water pump are carefully inspected. Inspections are comprehensive, meaning the engine blocks and cylinder heads are x-rayed, pistons are measured with micrometers, ensuring that any and all issues not viewable by the naked eye are identified.

All the parts must pass the inspection process used to assemble the Jasper remanufactured engine, with new bearings, piston rings, and other needed parts. When the process is complete, the remanufactured engine is then tested to ensure it is of the highest quality.

New Replacement vs. Jasper Remanufactured Engine Cost

The most obvious difference between new and Jasper remanufactured engines is the cost. A new engine uses all new parts including an engine block, crankshaft, cylinder heads, connecting rods, camshaft, pistons, and valves. Because of this, a new engine will cost considerably more than a Jasper remanufactured engine.

A Jasper remanufactured engine uses parts from previous engines. When an engine fails, many of its components can still be utilized. It is these parts that are remanufactured into a new engine. Since these parts are basically free (damaged engines have a very low “core” value), most of what one is paying for is a handful of new parts and a thorough inspection.

For all the reasons provided, Jasper remanufactured engines are considerably less expensive than new engines.

New Replacement vs Jasper Remanufactured – Warranty and Performance

Because Jasper manufactured engines employ used parts, they usually come with an extended warranty. This doesn’t mean anything will go wrong with the engine, but it offers additional assurance that one is receiving a quality product. As for performance, the average consumer will not be able to tell the difference between a Jasper remanufactured engine and a new one.

Jasper Remanufactured Engines: Better than New?

Because of the way Jasper remanufactured parts are sourced, they often encompass a better deal than new parts:

  • Jasper remanufactured engines are built from parts sourced from broken engines
  • All the parts are carefully inspected before they are utilized in new assemblies
  • Many of the bearings are replaced in remanufactured engines, as well as seals and other wearables
  • The engine is assembled in the same kind of facility that builds new engines
  • When completed, a remanufactured engine comes with a substantial warranty

Considering the excellent pricing, rigorous testing, assembly standards and warranty, it is difficult to argue against Jasper remanufactured engines.
If you’re interested in learning more about Jasper remanufactured engines, call now to speak with Scott Teems, a Jasper remanufactured engine expert at (706) 861-9915.