What is Gross Negligence?

By the Dennis and King Law Firm In Chattanooga, TN

Gross negligence refers to behavior that demonstrates a conscious disregard or indifference for the safety, life or rights of others. It differs from ordinary negligence, which is defined as “a violation of a general duty to behave with reasonable care.” Instead, gross negligence has the added feature of recklessness.

An example of gross negligence is a father who repeatedly allows his ten-year-old son to operate a tractor without supervision. The young boy runs over a man and, as a result, the man’s leg is amputated. The jury subsequently awards the victim compensatory and punitive damages. This is because the child’s father encouraged his young son to operate a tractor without adult supervision. The jury finds that such behavior constitutes gross negligence.

BeneFit for Women Member Spotlight

Ann Orr

Ann Orr is a proud member of Benefit For Women. She is also a proud mother of two and grandmother of four. Ann is very active in her community and attends Boynton United Methodist Church where she teaches an adult Sunday school class. She is also the President of United Methodist Women. Additionally, one Wednesday a month, before the Wednesday night service, Ann can be found in her church’s kitchen cooking dinner for over forty-five church members!

Ten years ago, a physician-diagnosed Ann with diabetes. She came to BeneFit for Women to lose weight and lower her A1C. In four very successful months, she lowered her A1C and lost thirty pounds!

This year, Ann underwent rotator cuff surgery. She continued her recovery at BeneFit For Women with the exercises she learned in physical therapy. Most of the equipment she used in physical therapy can be found at our women’s only gym! Many ladies have been referred to Benefit For Women for the purpose of continuing the good habits learned while in recovery for an injury or surgery.

Ann enjoys weight lifting, but her favorite activity is using the rowing machine. She likes to row for cardio because it is easy on her knees and, at the same time, her upper body gets a good workout. Ann also likes the lat/row machine because it builds strength along the back and across the shoulders. She is also learning to push herself with the elliptical machine. Initially, Ann could only utilize the elliptical for two to three minutes at a time. This week she reached her goal of one mile on the elliptical in seventeen minutes. Her new goal is two miles!

Ann says she enjoys visiting the gym for the purpose of relieving her mind of all peripheral stress. She enjoys the pleasant atmosphere and wants to get as much of that into her week as possible.

Ann has a good piece of advice for any woman looking to feel better and be healthier. She knows a nice, clean place with friendly women and encouraging staff- BeneFit for Women.

We appreciate Ann and all of our friends at BeneFit For Women. Please share happy times and awesome experiences with us!

Social Security is a social insurance program funded primarily by payroll taxes. Collected in accordance with the Federal Insurance Contributions Act, this program constitutes the federal government’s largest expenditure.

Three Common Social Security Myths

Social Security is a controversial topic. Nevertheless, many opinions regarding this issue are based primarily on myth. Following are some common misconceptions regarding Social Security:

  • Social Security will be unsustainable by 2037
  • Social Security benefits are earned
  • The Social Security program is bankrupt

While claims such as these are based on some truth, they are nevertheless greatly exaggerated. For example, while the federal government is in substantial debt, the Social Security system still distributes funds to those with disabilities. Additionally, disabled individuals without gainful employment can still, in certain instances, apply for Social Security benefits. Furthermore, our Social Security system will arguably retain its sustainability long after 2037. Unfortunately, myths such as these regarding Social Security often discourage people from applying who genuinely need it to survive.

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Do not allow Social Security myths to inhibit valid Social Security claims. For questions or assistance in filing a Social Security disability claim, please contact Rodney Bennett at (706) 866-8021 or get more information online at www.bennettlawgeorgia.com

So if you are thinking about opening your own business, be aware of the different types of property and casualty insurance you might need before opening up shop!

Most small businesses need insurance. It is imperative that you research and become aware of the types of insurance you need before welcoming clients into your commercial property or sending sales representatives out into the field to sell your product. Different types of commercial property and casualty insurance include:

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation is insurance that covers the cost of medical care and compensation for income lost by employees because of an occupational injury or disease that occurred while at work. Different states have different worker’s compensation laws.

  • In the state of Tennessee, all employers “in the construction business or trades (construction service providers) that have one or more employees unless they are specifically exempted,” must provide worker’s compensation to their employees.
  • Effective March 1, 2011, owners of construction businesses are also required to carry workers’ compensation coverage on themselves or be listed on the Exemption Registry.
  • Every other employer in the state of Tennessee that has five or more employees must secure workers’ compensation insurance coverage for their employees either by purchasing a policy from an insurance carrier or by qualifying as a self-insured employer with the Department of Commerce and Insurance.
  • Employers in the coal mining industry must secure coverage if they have one employee. Family members, part-time employees, and corporate officers are included when determining the number of employees if they meet the definition of employee.” (1)

Business Owner’s Policy

A business owner’s policy combines property and general liability insurance coverage into one single policy. By purchasing this coverage together, business owners are typically able to achieve more competitive rates.

Commercial Auto

Commercial auto insurance encompasses liability and physical damage insurance for company-owned vehicles. It also includes company coverage of vehicles used for company business but owned by employees.

Excess Insurance

A commercial excess insurance policy provides additional coverage for liability claims exceeding financial limit specifications.

Umbrella Policy

An umbrella policy provides additional liability coverage for claims exceeding the financial limits of general liability, auto, business or employer’s liability insurance policies.

Additional commercial coverage options include:
  • Directors and Officers Insurance
  • Errors and Omissions Insurance
  • Fire and Flood Insurance
  • Product Liability Insurance

For further information regarding commercial property and casualty insurance, please contact Christin Sylar of Phoenix Insurance at (423) 892-6046. If you are considering opening your own business, she is fully licensed and qualified to advise you on what you need to get started.


  1. www.tn.gov

Holiday Lighting with Elite Property Maintenance in Chattanooga, TN

With Halloween passed and Thanksgiving quickly approaching, Christmas is just around the corner. The holidays are such a busy time of the year, it is typical to end up with a very long to-do list of all the tasks that need completion. For most homeowners, hanging up Christmas lights is one of the larger tasks appearing on this list.

When it comes to hanging Christmas lights, it is easy to think this is a simple task. Yet, as most homeowners experience each year, hanging Christmas lights is not so simple. Whether one is dealing with light bulb issues, bad weather, or the lack of proper tools and equipment, something always seems to extend the project longer than expected.

Having an issue with a string of lights? No worries. The Elite Property Maintenance team has extensive experience with installing lights and will promptly find a solution to any challenges that may arise. Hiring a service like Elite Property Maintenance to hang one’s holiday lights means that clients can be one hundred percent confident that the lights will be hung and cords are hidden. Furthermore, the finished product will look exactly the way clients envision it.

Elite Property Maintenance offers a fully comprehensive package; from designing a beautiful display, providing the lights, professional installation, removal at the end of the season, and storage during the off-season. Included in the package is comprehensive-no questions asked-replacement or repair of any lights that malfunction during the holiday season.

This year, let a professional put those pesky Christmas lights up for you! Elite Property Maintenance ensures a quality job done in a timely manner. With professional Christmas light installation, one does not need to worry about fitting this time-consuming task in your busy schedule, climbing any ladders, or battling burned-out light bulbs. Instead, simply call Elite Property Maintenance and get a free quotation! Doing so will make one’s house the envy of the neighborhood.

Whether a potential client has additional questions or wants to discuss the details of having Christmas lights professionally hung, Elite Property Maintenance is here to answer all questions. Call 423-541-2008 today to speak directly with an Elite team member or get more information online at eliteholidaylighting.com.

With Gentry and Associates, CPA

For business owners, keeping accurate books is paramount.  Making mistakes adds up, especially if those mistakes lead to an audit or bankruptcy. With thirty percent of small businesses failing within two years because of expenses outweighing profits, it is more important than ever to keep accurate books. Hiring a CPA to perform bookkeeping tasks is not without cost, but it can save a lot of money in the long run.

Even the most seasoned business owners make bookkeeping mistakes when they lack the proper experience. Mistakes encompass data entry errors, missing entries, double entries, and confusion regarding types of expenses. A trained bookkeeper with a keen eye is less likely to make such mistakes.

Part of a bookkeeper’s role is to pay bills, maintain a budget and accurately invoice with timeliness. It’s easy to fall behind on paying and accounts receivable when one is running their own business. No more late fees and getting paid on time are just some advantages to an outsourced bookkeeper.

When business owners hire a bookkeeper, they can then direct their time and efforts elsewhere. Bookkeeping is a task that is important, detailed, and, optimally, distraction-free. Hiring a CPA as your bookkeeper allows business owners to focus on their business and not worry about the books.

Depending on the size and complexity of the business, a bookkeeper can be full-time, part-time, temporary, or contracted. Each choice comes with its own benefits. Whether a company is comprised of one individual or many, outsourcing this important task is often the best alternative. Doing so permits the bookkeeper an element of objectivity often necessary for the successful completion of bookkeeping tasks. Also, adjusting bookkeeping to a company’s needs is an important factor in saving a company money and can be more easily achieved in this manner.

With a bookkeeper, it is easier to assess where a company stands financially. Overall financial assessments display where money should be dispersed, allocated or saved.  A bookkeeper can simplify and explain confusion and concepts.

Outsourcing a company’s bookkeeping provides many benefits with a great deal of flexibility. For accurate, stress-free bookkeeping in the greater Chattanooga area, contact Gentry and Associates for more information at (423) 648-6240, or find out more online at gentrycpa.com.

Why Are Gutters Important?

By Chatt Town Guttering in Chattanooga, TN.

Understanding why gutters are important can ultimately save homeowners thousands of dollars. This is because gutters prevent costly damages to one’s home. While gutters may not represent the most glamorous topic, they are, nevertheless, a very important aspect of homeownership.

The primary purpose of gutters is to move water away from the base of the house. Rainwater can cause various degrees of damage, and even those that are severe. A lack of gutters or improperly installed gutters can cause leaks in basements. Rainwater can also penetrate the slab or foundation to create extremely costly repairs. The average foundation repair starts at ten thousand dollars. Rainwater also erodes the soil around houses, causing destruction to landscaping. Without gutters, rainwater can also wreak destruction on a home’s surface. For instance, when rainwater pummels the ground, dirt splashes back onto the home itself, contributing to a dirty, unkempt look.

The problems do not only stay outside, either. Without the protection gutters provide, rainwater could fall in the tiny cracks and crevices of the windows. The water can also work its way into the walls where mold and mildew could start to grow. The water damage may even be visible inside of the home, creating unsightly brown water stains on the walls. If the exterior is painted, extensive water damage may cause the paint to peel and the siding could harbor mold. All of these damages will require a more costly repair than the proper installation of gutters. It is just as important to protect the outside of the house as it is to protect the inside.

For more information about how gutters can benefit your home, please call Chatt Town Guttering at (423) 877-7147, or find them online at www.chatttownguttering.com.

The Advantages of Dry Cleaning Versus Traditional Washing Machines

Laundering and dry cleaning are both processes designed to clean clothes. Laundering, the more traditional cleaning practice, is a water-based cleaning process that usually utilizes a washer/dryer combination with soap and/or detergent. In contrast, dry cleaning does not utilize water but instead employs a comprehensive process that cleans the clothing much more effectively. While both processes have their purposes, dry cleaning is overall much better for maintaining the structural integrity of clothes, especially the delicate ones.

While water is not the main cleansing agent in dry cleaning, the process does involve the use of liquids for stain and soil removal. Much like traditional laundering, dry cleaning employs a specific machine in which the garments are placed for cleaning. After being put in the machine, the machine is started and gently rotates the clothes in the basket while a steady stream of clean solvent is pumped into the system. Simultaneously, the dirty solvent is pumped out of the drum to maintain the constant cleansing of the clothing. Following the solvent cycle, the next cycle begins by rapidly circulating the clothes and removing all of the solvents. Finally, the clothes are dried as warm air is pumped into the machine and continues to circulate as the basket of clothes spins.

Dry cleaning offers several distinct advantages for cleaning clothes when compared to a washing machine.

  1. Soft Process—When compared to traditional laundering, dry cleaning is considered a soft washing process. The rotation of the drum in dry cleaning is much milder than the abrasive agitators in traditional washing machines. Additionally, the limited amount of water and solvent used in the cleaning process helps to protect the garments.
  2. Clothing Preservation—In addition to its soft washing process, dry cleaning is also better for maintaining articles of clothing’s new appearance. Dry cleaning rarely shrinks delicate fabrics and maintains the color as well as the texture of fabric better than conventional washing.
  3. Deep Cleaning— The dry cleaning process’s ability to “deep clean” difficult stains and soils. Dry cleaning has a distinctive ability to dissolve oil and grease in garments that are difficult, if not impossible, for traditional laundering methods to tackle. Furthermore, the dry cleaning process is often able to restore garments to a “like-new” state with just one processing.
  4. Finished Appearance—When garments are removed from a washer and dryer, garments are often in need of further ironing and treatment. In contrast, with dry cleaning, garments are clean, fresh and crisp when finished.

While laundering and dry cleaning are both traditional cleaning processes, dry cleaning offers more advantages in terms of clothing cleanliness and maintenance. Dry cleaning makes clothes cleaner and keeps them appearing newer longer. When it comes to the debate of which is better, the washing machine or dry cleaning, the verdict is clear – dry cleaning is superior each and every time.

For further information regarding the positive effects of dry cleaning, please visit Superior Dry Cleaning online at superiordrycleaningknoxville.com.

Aluminum Versus Wood Home Enclosures. Which is Better?

Are you debating between building a patio versus a screened porch enclosure? When building aluminum screen enclosures, Red Bank Aluminum in Chattanooga, TN is prepared to create your new living space the way you prefer, with a custom design to help complement your home. If you are planning on building an addition to your home, the new addition needs to function and look its best.

Red Bank Aluminum offers a variety of aluminum screen enclosures from major manufacturers.

By using Ballew’s aluminum products, your aluminum screen enclosures will provide:

  • a clean look
  • a lifetime of durability
  • none of the disadvantages of wood

Top-quality aluminum construction keeps your patio or screened porch enclosure looking new and elegant for years to come. Plus aluminum is virtually maintenance-free!
Some homeowners may opt for screened patios made of wood. However, they are often unaware of wood’s long-term disadvantages. Wood can split, become rotten, or suffer weathering by the elements. While aluminum structures last in regard to both appearance and structural integrity.

The Benefits Of Using Aluminum Vs. Wood:

Low Maintenance: Aluminum screen enclosures require almost zero-maintenance over the years. Wood structures typically require additional yearly maintenance costs as the wood ages.

Weather Resistant: Unlike wood, there is no rotting, dry rot, peeling or corroding that occurs with aluminum. Aluminum screen enclosures are not affected by outdoor elements and will not become brittle or warped.

Moisture Resistant: Our top-quality aluminum materials can be used in almost any environment. For instance, they can be used next to swimming pools, hot tubs or simply in a humid backyard.

Pest Resistant: You will never have a termite or other wood-destroying insect problem with Red Bank Aluminum’s patio coverings, screen room enclosures or sunrooms. One of the most frightening aspects of pest infestation is not only the safety hazards they pose but also the possibility of bugs spreading to other areas of your home.

Fire Safety: Aluminum is a fire-resistant material and helps protect your family against house fires.

Increased Home Value: Aluminum adds long-term value to your home because of its clean lines, structural integrity and lifetime of durability. Additionally, with a screened enclosure, the square footage of your home is increased, subsequently increasing your home’s value.

For all these reasons and more, well-designed aluminum patio screen enclosures and sunrooms using Ballew’s aluminum are consistently a popular choice. Client’s of Red Bank Aluminum appreciate the benefits of aluminum over wood. As a result, they consistently choose Red Bank Aluminum to design and build patio enclosures or sunrooms for their homes.

Aluminum screen enclosures, patios, porches, and sunrooms not only provide protection from the outdoor elements but also create well-defined structures to complement every home. Your outdoor living area should provide the extra space and comfort you deserve and also last a lifetime.

Red Bank Aluminum in Chattanooga, TN has built thousands of patios, screens, pool enclosures, and sunrooms. We are a local company, ready to help you learn more about a quality screen enclosure, sunroom, patio or deck for your home.

Red Bank Aluminum in Chattanooga, TN offers free home consultations, so please contact them today at (423) 877-0142.

By Katherine Fry, CEO/President Mediafy Communications Group

El Fogon means “brick oven.” While brick ovens are sturdy and long-lasting, they are also works of art. Like their name, the restaurant “El Fogon” is all of these things. It is poised to last, built on a sturdy foundation of excellent service coupled with fantastic food. And like a brick oven, it’s contents are a work of art.

My lunch there the other day exemplified fine Mexican dining in a fun social setting. My server, Fernando, functioned like a “super waiter.” Every time I needed something, he magically appeared. I dropped my phone in my cheese drip-he popped in with a napkin. I needed a refill- Fernando appeared ready to refill.

My meal, entitled, “Camarones El Fogon,” meaning “shrimp of the brick oven,” appeared in beautiful form. I could not resist taking a picture. The rice in the center appeared as the initial focal point of the meal, perfectly surrounded by exquisitely placed prawns and vegetables. I started in the center and worked my way outward. Freshly made, with a butter accent, even the vegetables tasted great (and I usually don’t like them.) By far, the broccoli was my favorite vegetable within this dish, and I ate each and every one of them. At the end of the meal, only a few zucchini remained.

While I initially planned on not having any alcohol, the pictures of the house margarita drew me in quickly. I ordered the house margarita, on the rocks. I can honestly say, don’t purchase this during the day if you plan on going back to work, because these margaritas are STRONG. This establishment does not skimp on their drinks-they are delicious and the real deal. I enjoyed every moment of it.I also had the opportunity to observe an absolutely hilarious birthday celebration. A husband came in and informed the waiter of his wife’s birthday. Suddenly, out came a huge pile of chocolate ice cream covered in whipped cream. To the singing of all the waiters, a napkin of whipped cream landed on the cheek of the birthday girl, all too hysterical laughter. A great time was had by all!

The greater Chattanooga area has a plethora of Mexican restaurants. However, what sets El Fogon apart from the others is not only the high quality of their food but also its presentation. From the waiter to the beach like setting to the caring and attentive waiter, El Fogon is one of the best, if not THE BEST Mexican restaurant, in the greater Chattanooga area. If you are in Hixson any time soon, go ahead and give them a try. You will not be sorry.